Engineering Subsoil Investigations.

These are of fundamental importance for the continued stability of engineering structures such as private or industrial buildings, roads, oil pipelines, highways, bridges, railways, dams and jetty etc.

Vibrofloatation Compaction/Soil Stabilization.

This is a scientific process of foundation soil improvement for serious construction works and covers a fairly wide area of operation for different engineering purposes via use of ground anchorage and grouting.

Groundwater Control and Dewatering Systems.

We carry this out in conjunction with our environmental division and find application on engineering site that requires groundwater lowering.

Foundation Piling works.

On sites, which have very weak soils to significant depth, piles are the engineering devices, which allow the construction of building, offshore towers, bridges and roads to be made without fear of failure.

Construction of pile caps and beam.

Based on our experience, not all construction companies can correctly position the designed superstructure on piles. It is therefore a great advantage to client when we are retained after completion of piles to undertake the construction of the necessary pile caps, ground beams or slab in consonance with the structural engineer's design.

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