Environmental Consulting Division

we offer the Environmental Consulting Division services

Construction of Water Boreholes

We undertake the drilling and completion of water boreholes for interested persons and organization consequent

Re-activation and Maintainance of Water Boreholes

Apart from the resuscitation of old and abandoned water wells, we also carry out well maintenance which is of fundamental importance

Erosion Control Works/Shoreline Protection

Based on our understanding of terrain analysis and land-form evolution and development, we provide solution to varied erosion

Confined Entries and Work in Enclosed Areas

We also carry out excavation of contaminated soils, sediments and sludge. On site chemical and biological treatment of soil,

Pollution and EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment Studies)

We conduct environmental impact assessment, protocol site assessment and conservation measures for ecological zones

Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation Works

We undertake site investigation, hazardous waste site clean ups, industrial cleaning of tanks, pipe lines, element holding tank line purges,