Pile Integrity Testing.

To ascertain the structural integrity of Piles i.e. the depth of termination of piles, homogeneity and the symmetry of the installed piles, we carry out pile integrity testing with the latest PIT equipment and run through advance software.

Dynamic Load Testing.

A fast and effective way to ascertain the structural integrity of piles i.e the depth of termination, homogeneity and symmetry of the piles and the load bearing capacity at the termination depth. It helps to determine the driving hammer performance and gives information on resistance distribution (Shaft resistance and end bearing).

Pile Load Test.

The most effective method to determine the pile load capacity and settlement of either driven or bored pile is by a pile load test.

Ultra-sonic Concrete Tester.

Testing of concrete is based on the pulse velocity method to provide information on the uniformity of concrete, cavities, cracks and defects. The pulse velocity in a material depends on its density and its elastic properties which in turn are related to the quality and the compressive strength of the concrete. It is therefore possible to obtain information about the properties of components by sonic investigations.

Underwater Photo and Video Assessment.

Structures beneath water bodies are captured and recorded to assess the integrity and durability of the structure.

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